PYU11E04: Lecturer
Junior Fresh Physics for Engineers
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin
Hilary Term 2020
PY2P30: Lecturer
Senior Fresh Earth Sciences 
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin
Michaelmas Term 2018 - 2019
PY2T20/PY2T10: Laboratory Supervisor
Senior Fresh Theoretical Physics
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin
2018 - present
PDF slides for my TCD Space Weather guest lectures are available below.
Please contact me directly if you would like any of the movies shown during the lectures.
GG1025: Intro to Geography II (Environmental Geography)
Junior Fresh Science
School of Geography, Trinity College Dublin
Hilary Term 2018
PY4A03: Planetary and Space Science
Senior Sophister Physics and Astrophysics
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin
Hilary Term 2017/2018
Tadhg Garton 
PhD Student, Trinity College Dublin
(now Alan Turing Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Southampton)
Co-supervisor for PhD Project, 2016 - present
Development of an advanced coronal hole detection algorithm for real-time use on SolarMonitor.org as well as researching improvements to solar wind and storm arrival prediction efforts.
Laura Corbett
BA Astrophysics Student, Trinity College Dublin
(now Data Analytics Professional)
Supervisor for final year project, 2018 Michaelmas Term
Validation of Python version of the Solar Monitor Active Region Tracker algorithm, undertaking a statistical study on ten years of data and analysing the famous 2017 September flare event.
Sean Blake
Postdoc, Trinity College Dublin
(now Postdoctoral Researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
Supervisor for AFOSR project at Trinity College Dublin, 2017 - 2018
Developing new tracking, deprojection, and visualisation code for the Solar Monitor Active Region Tracker algorithm in Python.
Aisling Bergin
BA Astrophysics Student, Trinity College Dublin
(now PhD student at University of Warwick Centre for Fusion, Space and Astrophysics)
Supervisor for final year project, 2017 Michaelmas Term
First verification analysis of the NASA/CCMC Flare Scoreboard, comparing the results of the various prediction methods in order determine the most accurate method.
Chloe Pugh
PhD Student, University of Warwick 
(now Data Scientist at UK Ministry of Justice)
Supervisor for summer research placement at Met Office, 2015.
Collaborative project with the University of St Andrews to develop a real time system for solar active region analysis based on coronal magnetic field extrapolations. 
Gabriel Harry
MSc Student, University of Bath
(now Computer Software Professional)
Co-supervisor for MSc research placement at Met Office, 2014.
Explorative research to extend the upper boundary of the Met Office Unified Model (numerical weather prediction model) for future coupling with space weather models.
Piyush Agrawal
Undergraduate Student, Indian School of Mines
(now Hale Fellow at University of Colorado, Boulder)
FEMS India Scheme Intern at TCD, 2012
Reconstructing the 3D structure of sunspot magnetic fields.

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