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I have over ten years experience as a research scientist, analysing and visualising large volumes of satellite data, and developing and verifying modelling techniques. My current research interests range from solar eruptions and their active regions sources, to their propagation through the heliosphere, to the impact of space weather on the Earth's upper atmosphere and ground. I am developing operational solar eruption forecast products using state-of-the-art techniques used in weather prediction. I also coordinate a variety of astronomy outreach and education activities.


Solar physics

Space weather

Atmospheric physics

Data analysis

Quality assurance

Mathematical modelling

Statisical verification

Educational outreach

Public speaking

Positions of
  • Principle Investigator of an AFOSR European Office of Aerospace Research and Development research to operations grant.

  • Principal Investigator of the SFI Discover Astronomical Midlands Project, engaging rural communities with astronomy.

  • Project Management Board Member of the Horizon 2020 PRE-European Solar Telescope Project.

  • Lead planner NASA/CCMC Flare Scoreboard to compare and verify operational space weather forecasts worldwide.

  • Lead of COSPAR International Space Weather Action Teams (Solar Eruptions and Innovative Solutions) to establish international standards for the space weather prediction community.

  • Convener and invited speaker at international conferences (e.g., AGU, EGU, EWASS, ESWW, TESS) dedicated to space weather forecasting and verification efforts.





Fortran 90





Research Fellow
Trinity College Dublin
2016 - present
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
2018 - present


I am a Research Fellow in the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin, and the School of Cosmic Physics at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. I am PI of a research to operations project to improve solar eruption prediction using terrestrial weather forecasting methods, funded by the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development. 


Previously I was an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, worked on deliverables for the European FP7 HELCATS project, as well as continuing my dissemination and verification work for the H2020 FLARECAST project.

Space Weather Research Scientist
Met Office
2013 - 2016


Working with academics, forecasters, and end-users, I transitioned basic research to operational space weather forecasting. My main research areas were in solar physics and thermospheric modelling, trying to improve our understanding of the science behind the forecasts and feeding this back into the operational predictive models. I was involved with forecast verification and dissemination as part of an EU Horizon 2020 project. I was also heavily involved with science outreach activities.


My work was quite varied, with daily tasks including:

  • data analysis, e.g.,

    • data mining, visualisation, image processing, model development, in Python, IDL, and Fortran, with supercomputing.

  • model validation, e.g.,

    • statistical studies and verification methods with Python and R.

  • dissemination, e.g.,

    • customer requirement gathering, public outreach, academic collaboration, scientific publications.



Postgraduate Researcher in Solar Physics
​Trinity College Dublin
2008 - 2012


My research focused on understanding the complex magnetic topologies of solar active regions, something of great interest for improving current solar flare forecasting methods. I analysed huge satellite data sets with IDL and worked with complex models on supercomputers to uncover new insights into active region evolution.



Summer Intern
​Florida Space Authority



​I was chosen to participate in the FÁS Science Challenge, which sends a select number of Irish undergraduates to work at Florida Space Authority as summer interns. I worked in NASA Kennedy Space Center laboratories with professional scientists, and attended lectures by astronauts and well-renowned professors at the Florida Institute of Technology.


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Professinal Affiliations

Royal Astronomical Society


American Geophysical Union


Institute of Physics


European Physical Society



Reviewer for

Astrophysical Journal

Solar Physics
Space Weather

Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate


NASA Heliosphere Proposals


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Solar Physics
Trinity College Dublin
2008 - 2012



MSc Space Science, Distinction

​University College London

2007 - 2008


B. A. Hons Mod, Physics and Astrophysics

Trinity College Dublin

2003 - 2007

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